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                                             Hitachi ARIETTA 60: cannot be turned on normally


Failure phenomenon
After the Hitachi ARIETTA 60 machine turned on and displayed the HITACHI logo, the display and touch screen did not display, and the button lights on the control panel flashed cyclically, and the ultrasound interface could not be entered normally.


Failure analysis

1. After the machine is turned on, there is no display after the HITACHI logo appears, and the button light on the control panel flashes cyclically, indicating that the power supply of the machine is normal, and the fault is caused by a problem in the back of the machine.

2. The back end of the machine is composed of BE main board, CELL board and system hard disk. On the right side of the machine, you can see it after opening the casing. First, rule out whether the system is faulty. After replacing the system hard disk, the same fault still exists when the machine is turned on, so the BE motherboard fault is locked.

3. Since the BE motherboard is connected to the front-end TPRB and RDBF boards, you need to remove the front-end board first, and disconnect the other power connections of the BE motherboard.

4. After replacing the BE main board, the machine starts up normally, and all the probes and functions are in normal use.

After replacing the BE motherboard, the machine resumes normal use.

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