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GE Voluson E8 scan area without image
Failure phenomenon
After the GE Voluson E8 color Doppler ultrasound is turned on, it can enter the ultrasound system normally, and can perform operations such as probe switching, but there is no image in the scanning area, and ultrasound inspection cannot be performed.

Failure analysis
According to the above failure phenomenon, only the image is abnormal, indicating that there is no problem with the back-end startup. It is speculated that the failure occurred in the system file damage, the front end or the probe part. This faulty device is Voluson E8 of BT15 version, so the front-end failure generally occurs in the transmitter and receiver board and the probe connection Board, RFM board.

In this case, there is a problem with the entire image. Follow the principle from simple to difficult. First, connect another probe of the same model that is used normally to the device, and the fault remains. Remove the probe fault.

After reinstalling the system, the fault still remains unresolved. In this fault, the probe can be switched normally, so eliminate the fault of the probe connection board.

BT15 version Voluson E8 is an integrated transmitter-receiver board. If it is damaged, there will be no image in the entire scanning area, so the transmitter-receiver failure cannot be ruled out.

Finally, there is RFM. This board is not only responsible for the front and rear connections, but also for signal digital-to-analog conversion. Therefore, it is suspected that the RFM board or the transmitter-receiver board is faulty, so it is decided to replug the two boards.

Then open the front end, you can smell a scorching smell the moment you open it, then remove the transmitter-receiver board and RFM for careful inspection. At this time, it is found that there is a short circuit in the RFM , and the appearance of the transmitter-receiver board is not found The problem, so it is determined that the RFM board is short-circuited and burned.

When all the probes have no scanned images, most of them are caused by signal processing and transmission failures. RFM is the focus of troubleshooting. If there is no obvious failure, the same version of equipment in the hospital can also be judged by replacing the board.
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