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Toshiba SSA-580A: No echo shows when machine start

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Update time : 2022-01-04 15:46:00
Toshiba SSA-580A: No echo shows when machine start

Fault phenomenon
The machine starts normally, but there is no echo when it enters the ultrasonic working interface.
Fault analysis
Ultrasound image echo-free is a typical fault that all major brands of ultrasound machines will encounter. Usually, the reason for the failure is that the front-end plate of the power supply of the machine has no high-voltage output or is responsible for the processing function of ultrasound imaging. It is preliminary judged that there may be faults in the A43 FETX board and the A60 ETXR2 board, among which the A43 FETX board is the transmitting and receiving board and the A60 ETXR2 board is responsible for the tube of the high-voltage board. High voltage output of the probe.
Fault summary
After replacing the A60 ETXR2 board, the machine starts up normally. After entering the ultrasonic working interface, the image echo area is restored and the machine runs normally.
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