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Hitachi Aloka HI VISION PREIRUS: Image Interference

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Update time : 2024-01-31 11:59:00
Fault Phenomenon
The imagine shows hot wheel interference while Hitachi Aloka HI VISION Preirus working, which seriously affect the image diagnosis.

Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

According to the fault phenomenon, the same interference has occurred in each probe of the machine in use, so the possibility of the fault of the color ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is preliminarily ruled out.


According to the safety use specification of the color ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, the ground end of the machine shell and the power plug of the machine should be connected to the ground. The circuit formed due to improper grounding will also cause electromagnetic interference.Then, using the power measuring instrument measuring grounding resistance, normal should be 2 ~ 5 Ω, but on checking ground not installed on the machine;Reinstall the ground after testing ground resistance is 3 Ω, accord with a standard;Boot test, interference disappeared, the problem solved.

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