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Five Steps to repair & refurbish your ultrasonic board/part

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Author : Rongtao Medical
Update time : 2020-06-02 14:07:50

Five Steps to repair & refurbish your ultrasonic boards/parts


1.Check before sending to us

  Make sure your defective/broken ultrasound board/part is complete and never repaired.


  Send it to our appointed address for receiving package from abroad after well-wrapped.

3.All-round inspection

  Our repair engineers will do all-round inspection once the ultrasound board/part reaches, then provide suitable repair solution.

4.Repair and Refurbishing

  For general/minor troubleshooting, 1-3 days to fix. For major/difficult repair, 4-7 days to fix.

5.Send the fixed board/part back

  After strict testing before delivery, the fixed board/part will be sent back in good working condition with 60 days warranty.

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