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Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guide

Ultrasound Puncture Frame for Aloka UST-5410

Lead time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 90 days
Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guides/Puncture Frame for Aloka UST-5410、UST-5410H、UST-5412 、UST-5413 Transducer 

1.Type:three angles, accepts 14-22 Gauge instruments 
2.Fits:Aloka UST-5410、UST-5410H、UST-5412 、UST-5413 
3.Features:stainless steel, reusable, easy to clean and sterilize
4.Professional new one from Chinese factory, precision manufacturing
5.Qualified one in excellent working condition
6.Provide 90 days warranty

Other Ultrasound  Biopsy Needle Guides related to Aloka that we can offer:

Brand Model Angle Applicative needle
Aloka  UST-52105 three angles 14-22G
Aloka  UST-9118UST-9124 single angle 161718G
Aloka  UST-9133 two angles 14-22G
Aloka  UST-944B-3.5UST-9102U-3.5 single angle 14-22G
Aloka  UST-981-5UST-984-5 single angle 161718G
Aloka UST-5284-2.5UST-5285-3.5UST-5286-2.5UST-5287-3.5UST-5292-5UST-5294-5UST-5297UST-5299 UST-52108 three angles 14-22G
Aloka UST-5410UST-5410HUST-5412 UST-5413 three angles 14-22G
Aloka UST-979-3.5UST-989D-3.5UST-990-5UST-9114-3.5UST-9115-5UST-9119UST-9123UST-9126UST-9127 UST-9130 two angles 14-22G

Knowledge piont:

What is Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guides

An ultrasound-guided biopsy is typically performed under general anesthesia. Ultrasound is used to locate the abnormality and a biopsy needle guide is used to pinpoint and guide the needle to the exact location. The tissue that is collected in the ultrasound guided needle biopsy is then examined by a pathologist.

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