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Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guide

Doppler ultrasound puncture frame for GE RIC5-9-D,RIC6-12-D Probe

Lead time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 90 days

Sterilize Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guide Match With GE RIC5-9-D,RIC6-12-D Transducer

1.Type:Single angle, accepts 16,17,18 Gauge instruments 
2.Fits:GE RIC5-9-D,RIC6-12-D,RIC5-9W-RS
3.Features:stainless steel, reusable, easy to clean and sterilize
4.Professional new one from Chinese factory, precision manufacturing
5.Qualified one in excellent working condition
6.Provide 90 days warranty

Other Ultrasound  Biopsy Needle Guides related to GE that we can offer:

Brand Model Angle Applicative needle
GE  11L12L11L-D12L-RS three angles 14-22G
GE  3.5C 348C)、548C3.5CSAC2-5 single angle 14-22G
GE  3CRF two angles 14-22G
GE  3SM3S5SM4S three angles 14-22G
GE  4C4C-A4C-D4C-RS three angles 14-22G
GE  8L8L-RS three angles 14-22G
GE  9L9L-D9L-RS three angles 14-22G
GE  C1-5-DC1-5-RS three angles 14-22G
GE  C3583C 3Cb 3C-RS three angles 14-22G
GE  E8CE8C-RSE8CSIC5-9-DIC5-9H single angle 161718G
GE  M5SM5S-D three angles 14-22G
GE  ML6-15-D three angles 14-22G
GE  RIC5-9-DRIC6-12-DRIC5-9W-RS single angle 161718G
GE 10L 739L three angles 14-22G

Cleaning the Needle Guide

a) Remove the needle guide from the transducer after each use. Use a small, soft brush to remove visible contaminants from the surface. Keep parts from drying out until complete cleaning can be accomplished.
b) Soak the needle guide for at least five minutes in a neutral pH, low foaming enzymatic detergent. While immersed, use instrument brush to remove trapped contaminants from surfaces and features. If visible contaminants are not easy to remove, repeat the soaking procedure for another five minutes.  Remove the needle guide from cleaning solution and remove any remaining residue with dry wipe. Observe cleaning solution manufacturer’s directions for use and recommendations for concentration.
Disinfecting and Sterilizing Needle Guide

a) High-level disinfect or sterilize the needle guide using 2% glutaraldehyde-based solution.
b) The needle guide can be sterilized by using steam (autoclave) at 132-138°C for 15 to 30 minutes.

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