ultrasound board repair
Original Ultrasound Probe

Toshiba PST-25ST Phased array Ultrasound transducer

Lead time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 60 days
Toshiba PST-25ST Phased array Ultrasound transducer probe/basics of ultrasonography

1.Type: Phased Array
2.Frequency: 1-5 MHz
3.Compatible system: Viamo
4.Application: Cardiac
5.Condition: original, in good working condition
6.With 60 days warranty 

Parts of Toshiba probes we can offer:
Brand Model Compatible System
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C5-1 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C8-5 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C10-3V CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) L12-3 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) L12-5 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) S5-1 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) S8-3 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) S12-4 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips(CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C6-2 CX50/Affiniti
Philips(CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) L12-5 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips ClearVue L12-4 ClearVue 350/ ClearVue 550/ClearVue 650/Affiniti 50/CX30

Knowledge point:

Color Doppler Technology (CDT)

It mainly has the ability to provide hemodynamics information, which is called noninvasive angiography clinically. It’s shown as follows:
It can visually display the distribution and direction of blood stream so as to distinguish the arteries and veins clearly.
It can help to understand the time phase and velocity of blood stream.
It can help to find out splitting flow and back-streaming reliably.
It can conduct quantitative analysis to the origin, width, length and area of blood stream.



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