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Original Ultrasound Probe

Toshiba PLT-604AT Linear Array Ultrasound Sensor

Lead time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 60 days
Toshiba PLT-604AT 38mm Linear Array Ultrasound Scanner/ Easy scan ultrasound

1.Type: Linear 
2.Frequency: 4-10MHz
3.Compatible system: Aplio 50 SSA-700A, Aplio SSA-750A
4.Application:Vascular, Small Parts, Peripheral 
5.Advantage:No allergic reaction 
6.Condition: original, in good working condition
7.With 60 days warranty

Other Toshiba probes we can offer:

Brand Model Compatible System
Toshiba/Canon PLF-805ST SSA-340A&SSA-350A
Toshiba/Canon PLM-1204AT PowerVision 6000 SSA-370A/ Nemio 17 SSA-550A/ Xario SSA-660A
Toshiba/Canon PLM-703AT Powervision 6000 and Nemio
Toshiba/Canon PLM-805AT PowerVision 6000 SSA-370A/ Nemio 17 SSA-550A
Toshiba/Canon PLT-1005BT Aplio 300/ Aplio 400/ Aplio 500          
Toshiba/Canon PLT-1204AT Aplio 50 SSA-700A/ Aplio SSA-750A/ Xario Series    
Toshiba/Canon PLT-604AT Xario Series / Aplio 50 SSA-700A/ Aplio SSA-750A   
Toshiba/Canon PLT-704AT Aplio 50 SSA-700A/ SSA-750A/ Xario  
Toshiba/Canon PLT-704SBT Xario SSA-660A
Toshiba/Canon PLT-805AT SSA-700A/ Aplio SSA-750A/ Aplio SSA-770A/ Xario SSA-660A
Toshiba/Canon PLU-1204BT Xario 100/Xario 200

Knowledge point:

What is Cardiac Ultrasound?

Cardiac ultrasound or echocardiography is a medical imaging procedure in which the goal is to generate a picture of the heart for the purpose of evaluating a heart condition or suspected heart problem. Like other types of ultrasound imaging, cardiac ultrasound is non-invasive and painless, and it can be performed as an outpatient procedure in a clinic or hospital. There are a variety of reasons for a doctor to request a cardiac ultrasound, and he or she will usually discuss the reason for the procedure with the patient at the time that the procedure is recommended.
Fetal Ultrasound
1. A fetal ultrasound, also called a fetal sonogram, is a test that uses sound waves to see images of an unborn baby in the mother's womb.
2. As the mother grows closer to the date of delivery, a prenatal ultrasound will be used to determine the fetal position. This is important to plan the best method of delivery to attempt for the safety of the mother and child.

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