ultrasound board repair
Original Ultrasound Probe

Toshiba PLT-1204AT linear ultrasound transducer

Lead time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 60 days

Toshiba PLT-1204AT linear ultrasound transducer/hospital equipment supply


2.Frequency: 4-7 MHz

3.Compatible system: Aplio 50 SSA-700A, Aplio SSA-750A, Xario Series

4.Application:Vascular,small parts,breast

5.Condition: original, in good working condition

6.With 60 days warranty


Other Toshiba probes we can offer:

Brand Model Compatible System
Toshiba/Canon PLF-805ST SSA-340A&SSA-350A
Toshiba/Canon PLM-1204AT PowerVision 6000 SSA-370A/ Nemio 17 SSA-550A/ Xario SSA-660A
Toshiba/Canon PLM-703AT Powervision 6000 and Nemio
Toshiba/Canon PLM-805AT PowerVision 6000 SSA-370A/ Nemio 17 SSA-550A
Toshiba/Canon PLT-1005BT Aplio 300/ Aplio 400/ Aplio 500          
Toshiba/Canon PLT-1204AT Aplio 50 SSA-700A/ Aplio SSA-750A/ Xario Series    
Toshiba/Canon PLT-604AT Xario Series / Aplio 50 SSA-700A/ Aplio SSA-750A   
Toshiba/Canon PLT-704AT Aplio 50 SSA-700A/ SSA-750A/ Xario  
Toshiba/Canon PLT-704SBT Xario SSA-660A
Toshiba/Canon PLT-805AT SSA-700A/ Aplio SSA-750A/ Aplio SSA-770A/ Xario SSA-660A
Toshiba/Canon PLU-1204BT Xario 100/Xario 200

Knowledge point:


Mechanical probe
A motor drives a rotating head whose shaft is located at the focal point of the probe surface to rotate in one direction. Two focusing transducers are embedded in the rotating head. When the transducer rotates to face the reflector, it emits ultrasonic pulses. After parabolic launching, a row of parallel linear scanning beams are formed, realizing mechanical scanning. Its advantages are that the sector-shaped mechanical scanning probe has a large field of view for far-area exploration, a small contact area for acoustic coupling with the human body, and the same tangential and lateral resolution. It is suitable for ultrasound examination of heart, small organs, ophthalmology, lumen ducts and abdominal organs.
Annular probe
The principle of using the circular ring array dynamic segmented focusing method in mechanical sector-scan ultrasonic diagnostic equipment is the same as that of linear array dynamic focusing. Applying a proper delay to the electrical signal of each element can achieve focusing at any distance along the central axis, which is similar to the function of an acoustic lens, so it functions as an "electronic focusing lens".

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