ultrasound board repair
Original Ultrasound Probe

Siemens S2000 EC9-4 Ultrasound Transducer

Lead time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 60 days

Urology Endocavitary Ultrasound Transducer Probe Siemens EC9 4

1. Type: Endocavitary
2. Frequency: 4-9 Mhz 
3. Compatible system: Antares  
4. Application: Urology, Prostate, with DL-4 Connector, OB/GYN 
5. Condition: original, in good working condition
6. With 60 days warranty

Other Siemens probes we can offer:

Brand Model Compatible System
Siemens 3.5C55S G50/X150/X300
Siemens 6C1HD S2000
Siemens 7.5L40A G20/G40
Siemens 7.5L75S G20 and Prima / Adara
Siemens C7F2 Antares/ X300 and X500
Siemens CH4-1  Antares
Siemens CH5-2 G40/G60/X150/X300
Siemens CH6-2 Antares
Siemens CX5-2 Antares/ Sonoline Elegra
Siemens C6-2 CV70/ G50/G60/ X300/X500   
Siemens C6F3  G50/G60
Siemens C5F1 Antares
Siemens C8-5 X300
Siemens P10-4 Antares  
Siemens PH4-1 Antares

Daily and Long-Term Storage of ultrasound transducer


1. Always store transducers in the transducer holders on the side of your system or on a securely mounted wall rack when you are not using them.

2. Ensure the transducer holders are clean before storing transducers

3. When storing transducers, use the cable-management clips, if available, to secure the transducer cable

4. Avoid storing transducers in areas of temperature extremes or in direct sunlight.

5. Store transducers separately from other instruments to avoid inadvertent transducer damage.

6. Before storing transducers, make sure they are thoroughly dry.

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