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Original Ultrasound Probe

Philips Linear Array Ultrasound Transducer L12-3

Warranty: 60 days
Lead time: 2-4 days
Philips Linear Array Ultrasound Transducer L12-3/ Breast Scanner

1. Type:linear
2. Frequency:12-3MHz 
3. Compatible system: HD6, HD7, HD7XE, HD11, HD11XE and HD15 
4. Application: breast, small parts and vascular 
5. With 60 days warranty

Other Philips probes we can offer:

Brand Model Compatible System
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C5-1 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C8-5 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C10-3V CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) L12-3 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) L12-5 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) S5-1 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) S8-3 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips (CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) S12-4 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
 Philips(CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) C6-2 CX50/Affiniti
Philips(CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) L12-5 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti
Philips(CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti) S5-1 CX50/EPIQ/Affiniti

Knowledge point:

One may be facing several types of problems while using the ultrasound machine probes. They may be one or more of the following:
  1. Poor quality image: Poor image may be due to
*Cracked or air bubbles on lens
*Connector issue
*Crystal damage
*Tears on the sheath
  1. Physical damage or broken housing: Physical damage may be due improper handling, dropping of probe, poor storage etc.
  2. Noise: Noise may be due to broken cable, damaged / broken pins in connector or electrical interference.
*Breakage of probe connector pins may be caused by improper insertion or connection.
*Damage to cable occurs due to cables being ridden by some wheels or closure of drawers without proper placement of the probe inside, etc.
  1. No image: If there is image being received, it could be a result of probe cable – connector breakage, probe compatibility issue or software issue.
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