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Original Ultrasound Probe

Philips C5-2(HD11) Broadband Ultrasound Transducer

Warranty: 60 days
Lead time: 2-4 days

C5 2 Curved Array Probe , HD7 Broadband Ultrasonic Transducer

1. Type:curved array
2. Frequency: 5-2 MHz 
3. Application: abdominal, cardiac, and OB/GYN
4. Compatible system:HD11,HD7,HD5
5. With 60 days warranty

Other Philips probes we can offer:

Brand Model Compatible system
Philips  HD Series C8-5 HD15/ HD11 XE/ HD11/ HD7/ EnVisor and HD9
Philips Envisor L12-3 Envisor
Philips HD Series C8-4V HD6/ HD7/ HD7XE/ HD9/ HD15/ HD11XE
Philips HD Series C9-4 HD3/ HD11 and HD11 XE
Philips HD Series L12-3 HD6/ HD7/ HD7XE/ HD11/ HD11XE / HD15
Philips HD Series S4-2 HD11XE/ HD7/ EnVisor/ HD11 and HD9
Philips HD Series S4-2 HD11XE/ HD7/ HD11 and HD9
Philips HD Series S4-2 HD11XE/ HD7/ EnVisor/ HD11 and HD9
PhilipsIU22 3D6-2 iU22/iE33
Philips IU22 C6-3 iU22/iE33
Philips IU22 C8-4V iU22/iE33
Philips IU22 C8-5 iU22/iE33
Philips IU22 C9-4 iU22/iE33
Philips IU22 L9-3 iU22/iE33
Philips IU22 L12-5 iU22/iE33
Philips IU22 L15-7io iU22/iE33

Knowledge point:

Basic Ultrasound Transducer Types

1. Linear Transducers
2. Convex or curved array Transducers
3. Phased Array Transducers
4. Sector Transducers
5. Endocavity Transducers
6. 3d/4d Transducers
7. Tee Transducers
Ultrasound probe Types (Classified by diagnostic part)

1. Ophthalmic ultrasound probe
2. Cardiac ultrasound probe
3. Abdominal ultrasound probe
4. Uterine ultrasound probe
5. Anal ultrasound probe
6. Pediatric ultrasound probe
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