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Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guide

Hitachi Ultrasound EUP-B512 Transducer ultrasonic reusable Biopsy Needle Guide

Repair Time: 2-4 days
Warranty after fixed:60 days

Biopsy Needle Guide for Hitachi EUP-B512 Ultrasound Transducer

1. Type:2 angles, accepts 14-22 Gauge instruments 
2. Fits:Hitachi EUP-B512
3. Features:stainless steel, reusable, easy to clean and sterilize
4. Professional new one from Chinese factory, precision manufacturing
5. Qualified one in excellent working condition
6. Provide 90 days warranty


Note: Different brands(Aloka/GE/Mindray/Esaote/Toshiba/Sonosite---) are also available, please email for details

Other Ultrasound  Biopsy Needle Guides related to Hitachi that we can offer:

Brand Model Angle Applicative needle
Hitachi   EUP-U531 single angle 161718G
Hitachi   EUP-V33WEUP-V53WEUP-CC531 single angle 161718G
Hitachi  EUP-C311 two angles 14-22G
Hitachi  EUP-C314TC314GC324TC514C516 single angle 14-22G
Hitachi  EUP-C532 three angles 14-22G
Hitachi  EUP-C715 four angles 14-22G
Hitachi  EUP-L74M three angles 14-22G
Hitachi EUP-B512 two angles 14-22G
Hitachi EUP-L54M four angles 14-22G



Q: How's the stock condition?
A: Wide variety of Ultrasound probe/board, over 10,000 pcs in stock, involved in popular brands and systems(GE, Hitachi Aloka, Siemens,Toshiba, Philips, Esaote---)

Q: Is there any guarantee for the goods?
A: Fully-tested and safe packing before shipping, less than 3% warranty return claims of previous orders.


Q: Will you provide warranty?

A: Items are sold with NO WARRANTY, unless it is stated otherwise in the body of the proforma invoice/purchase order. Mostly 90 days for new original, 30/60 days for used.

Q: Can I have the goods returned if it is not working good?
A: Yes, goods are permitted to be returned in same received condition within 7 days. Refund will be handled within 2-4 working days after final confirmation (Freight & bank fee excluded). Shipping fee for return should be borne by buyers. No returns after 3 days if ordered wrong.


Q: If faults occurred after warranty date, can I contact you?

A: Sure, feel free to contact even years later. We'll look into the faults and try to find out some solutions/suggestions for you reference.

Q: How about the payment terms?
A: All orders are 100% prepaid before delivery. We accept wire transferring / Western Union from bank, and cash. (US dollars, Euro, or CNY)


Q: How about delivery?

A: We ship worldwide. DHL/EMS/FedEx Express will be arranged within 1-5 working days after payment confirmed unless otherwise specified. We Seller are responsible for export Customs clearance in our end, and buyers for import Customs clearance in their end.

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