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Hitachi Aloka F75 CPU Cell Board EP558800

Lead time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 60 days
Hitachi Aloka F75 CPU Cell Board EP558800 

1. Lead time: 2-4 working days
2. Warranty: 60 days
3. Part number: EP558800

Note: Different faults are also able to be fixed.

Some tips to maintain your ultrasound machine:
 1.Read the User Manual for Guidelines. ...
 2.Use the Machine Properly. ...
 3.Clean the Machine Daily. ...
 4.Give the Transducer Extra Attention. ...
 5.Disinfection is Very Important. ...
 6.Clean the Air Filters Regularly. ...
 7.Take Precautions During Transport.
 8.Get a regular maintenance plan
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