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Compatible Ultrasound Transducer

Biosound Esaote EC1123 10mm Endocavitary Ultrasound Transducer 

 Delivery time: 2-4 days
 Warranty: 1 year
Biosound Esaote EC1123 Endocavitary Convex 10mm Transducer /Diagnostic Ultrasound

1. Frequency: 7.5-5 MHz 
2. Compatible system: MyLab 5/My Lab 7/My Lab 20/My Lab 25 Gold/My Lab 40/My Lab 50 
3. Application: Transvaginal, Transrectal, Endocavity
4. Condition: new compatible, fully tested and qualified one in excellent working condition
5. Delivery time: 2-4 days
Warranty: 1 year

Other Biosound probes we can offer:

Brand Model Compatible System
Biosound Esaote CA123 DU3/4/MyLab series
Biosound Esaote CA421 DU3/4/Caris Plus/MyLab series
Biosound Esaote CA431 MyLab5/20/25/25Gold/30Gold/40/50/50XV/70XV
Biosound Esaote CA541 MyLab 5/MyLab 20/MyLab 25/MyLab 25Gold/MyLab 30Gold/MyLab 40/MyLab 50/MyLab 50XV
Biosound Esaote CA621 DU3/4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30
Biosound Esaote EC1123 MyLab 5/20/25 Gold/40/50
Biosound Esaote EC123 DU3/DU4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30  
Biosound Esaote LA424 Mylab series
Biosound Esaote LA522E Technos MP/ MPX/ Partner/ Megas CVX/ GPX/ Caris Plus/ MyLab15/20/25/30/50/ 70
Biosound Esaote LA523 Technos/ Megas/ Caris/ Caris Plus/ MyLab 50/ Mylab 70
Biosound Esaote PA220E Megas/ Caris Plus/ Technos    
Biosound Esaote PA230E Mylab5/23/25/Megas/Caris Plus    

Storage for Transport of ultrasonic transducer
  1. Make sure that the transducer is clean and disinfected before placing it in the case to avoid contaminating the foam that lines the carrying case.
  2. Place the transducer in the case carefully to prevent kinking of the cable.
  3. Before closing the lid, make sure no part of the transducer is protruding from the case.
  4. Wrap the case in plastic material containing sealed-air pockets (such as Bubble Wrap material), and pack the wrapped case in a cardboard carton.
Daily and Long-Term Storage of ultrasound transducer
1. Always store transducers in the transducer holders on the side of your system or on a securely mounted wall rack when you are not using them.
2. Ensure the transducer holders are clean before storing transducers
3. When storing transducers, use the cable-management clips, if available, to secure the transducer cable
4. Avoid storing transducers in areas of temperature extremes or in direct sunlight.
5. Store transducers separately from other instruments to avoid inadvertent transducer damage.
6. Before storing transducers, make sure they are thoroughly dry.

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