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Ultrasound System

Aloka SSD 4000 Ultrasound system

Aloka SSD 4000 Ultrasound system

generl/OB/GYN/vascular imaging 
CFM, PW doppler, Power doppler, THE, TDI 
Smart Imaging, Compact Design, Easy Operation
Convex UST-9123 
Linear UST-5524-7.5 
Sector  UST-5299
Abdominal,Cardiac,small parts

The machine can be start normally,equipped with general options and provide working warranty. 
Condition: Original,in good working condition 

There are also various model of Aloka system for you choose: 
Aloka Prosound 4
Aloka Prosound 6
Aloka SSD-1400
Aloka SSD-3500
Aloka Alpha 10
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